My time as a Mechanical Engineer dealing with specifications and drawings has helped me in understanding the complex world of insurances that a typical Insurance Broker may struggle to grasp. I distinctly remember on two occasions in the past when my engineering skills had let me down. The first one was when my Father was diagnosed with Cancer and I had been exposed to the “fine print” of a typical insurance document. Plan brochures are fancy. They promise a lot of coverage. But when you get you insurance card, they ask you to call an 800 number to get prior authorization. Needless to say, my father is no longer with us. The second time was when my mother turned 65 and sought my help in choosing the right Medicare Plan. The “Medicare and you” booklet leaves you more confused than when you started reading it.

In 2006, I had decided to take a short time off from Construction. An opportunity to be an insurance agent presented itself. That was the beginning. Today, we are contracted with most major companies in Health/Life/Disability/Long Term Care/Medicare/Travel Medical Insurance. We can get you the best coverage for the least cost and insure that you understand the coverage that you have signed up for. You will be surprised how many people do not even know what type of life insurance coverage they have. It is our mission to get rid of all the ambiguity in you coverage.